With a capacity of 30L, the reservoir tank is equipped with a tap that facilitates a fast flow and a window is incorporated into the design, which enables the user to have a clear view of the contents of the reservoir.

Our 30L Reservoir tank perfectly matches the Calypso and Cyclon water distillers. It boasts a fast-flow tap and a sight tube that provides a clear view of the contents’ volume. Our reservoir collection is expertly crafted to safeguard the purity of water during storage and keep it free from harmful airborne pollutants.

You can pair the reservoir with the Calypso or Cyclon systems to store distilled water for future use securely. The reservoir boasts a polyethene liner, bacterial vent, and cleaning access port, making maintenance a breeze and ensuring optimal purity levels. The electronic float switch eliminates the need for concern about overflowing, as it automatically shuts off the still when the tank is full and restarts when water is drawn. Moreover, all models are mountable on walls or benches, saving valuable bench space and providing necessary connection hoses.

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