Puri-Fi's Disposable Purification Cartridges.

Secured in a convenient and easy-to-use wall mount, the Puri-Fi is ideal for in-line applications with its pressure-resistant cartridge.


Looking for a budget-friendly pre-treatment solution to produce pre-treated deionised water for your Cyclon and Calypso water stills? Look no further than Puri-Fi pre-treatment!

This convenient cartridge is readily mountable on your wall and easily disposable. The disposable deioniser contains high-quality ion exchange resin and comes with a water-isolating valve and a suitable pressure hose with fittings.

The best part? Installation only takes a few moments. Upgrade your water treatment process today with Puri-Fi pre-treatment.


Key Data

1-10µS cm conductivity and incorporates a 50-micron filter to remove particulates.


Type  Deioniser 
Resin type  High-quality ion exchange resin 
Flow rate   30L/hr 
Pressure  500kPa 
Length (mm)  390 and 690 
Diameter (mm)  77 
Applications  Purifying water- in-line applications 


Ordering Information


Product Code Product Description
WSC905.PTK5  Pre-treatment kit for Cyclon and Calypso water stills – comprising of 2X DCF-720-S Fistreem Puri-Fi disposable resin colour change deionisers, wall mounting bracket, pressure hose plus fittings and water flow value



DCF-738-500M  Pressure hose fittings and flow valve 
DCF-738-502Y Wall mounting bracket with hose fittings and flow valve

(suitable for standard life cartridges only flow rate 30L/hr)


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