Calypso - Type II water • Available with outputs 2 or 4Lhr-1 • Economically designed


Perfect for smaller Laboratories providing pure water in two convenient production rates of 2 or 4 Lhr-1.

The Calypso stills simple design and ease of use, water can be dispensed from the system or collected in a storage reservoir.

This economical and space saving water distiller can be bench or wall mounted.

Guaranteed Purity 

Incorporating the  ‘cyclonic’ vapour trap, the Calypso produces the very highest quality distilled water free from impurities including inorganics, organics, micro-organisms and pyrogens. The ‘cyclonic’ effect created by the unique vapour trap eliminates all vapour borne droplets ensuring there is no carry over of impurities in the distillate.  

Purity is further assured through an all borosilicate glass construction and the use of durable, silica sheathed heating elements and high grade silicone rubber components. 

Safe and Easy to Use 

A high temperature cut-off protects the heaters in the event of water failure while operator safety is assured through totally enclosed glassware.  

The Calypso is supplied with a Reservoir Level Sensor which allows the Still to be used with a collection reservoir of the user’s choice. The Still will automatically shut off safely (heaters and water supply) on a full reservoir and re-start automatically when water is drawn. 


For maximum economy, an automatic flow controller governs the rate of the cooling water consumption and allows the Still to be used efficiently over a wide tap water pressure range. 


Model WCA002 WCA004
Output Capacity 2 litres . hr -Single Distilled 4 litres . hr-Single Distilled
Pyrogen Free Yes Yes
pH 5.6-6.0 5.6-6.0
Conductivity 1µS. cm- 1µS. cm-
Power Rating 1.8kW 3.0kW
Tap Water Pressure (min-max) 70-560 kPa 10-80 70-560 kPa 10-80
Minimum Water Pressure for Pre-treated Flow Valve Option 15 kPa 2 15 kPa 2
Tap Water Flow (min) 0.5 litres.min- 1 litre.min-
Dimensions (HxWxD) 790 x 260 x 325 mm 790 x 260 x 325 mm
Weight 15 kg 15 kg

Ordering Information

Catalogue No. Output Power Dimensions WxDxH (mm)
WCA002.MH1.4 2 L/hr Single 220V 1.8kW 260 x 325 x 790
WCA002.MH1.7 2 L/hr Single 240V 1.8kW 260 x 325 x 790
WCA004.MH1.4 4 L/hr Single 220V 3.0kW 260 x 325 x 790
WCA004.MH1.7 4 L/hr Single 240V 3.0kW 260 x 325 x 790


Catalogue No Description Capacity Dimensions WxDxH (mm)
WCA900.RTA.9 Storage Reservoir 30 litre 260 x 325 x 790
WCA901.SVA.7 Pre-Treat feed accessory kit

Replacement Parts

WSC703.BXJ.9 Boiler
WSC705.CXJ.9 Condenser
WSC707.CLJ.9 Constant Level Device
WCA701.HEJ.4 Heating Element 220V 0.9kW ( 2 lt Still )
WCA702.HEJ.7 Heating Element 240V 0.9kW ( 2 lt Still )
WCA706.HEJ.4 Heating Element 220V 1.5kW ( 4 lt Still )
WCA707.HEJ.7 Heating Element 240V 1.5kW ( 4 lt Still )


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