Producing Type II water and available with outputs 2L or 4L /hr-1 with an economical design

For small laboratories in need of pure water, the Calypso Still is the perfect solution. Operating at 2 or 4 L/hr, it is both user-friendly and easy to operate, allowing users to dispense water directly or store it in a reservoir. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also space-saving and can be mounted on a bench or wall.

Guaranteed Purity 

The Calypso employs a specialised ‘cyclonic’ vapour trap that produces the purest distilled water available, devoid of any inorganic or organic impurities, micro-organisms, or pyrogens. Through the unique design of its vapour trap, the Calypso achieves a ‘cyclonic’ effect that eliminates all vapour-borne droplets, ensuring that no impurities are carried over into the distilled water. Moreover, the Calypso is constructed entirely out of borosilicate glass, with durable silica-sheathed heating elements and high-grade silicone rubber components, further ensuring the purity of the distilled water.

Safe and Easy to Use 

The Calypso is equipped with various safety features that aim to protect both the operator and the equipment. In case of water failure, the high-temperature cut-off will activate to protect the heaters. Moreover, the glassware is entirely enclosed to ensure the operator’s safety. Users have the option to select their collection reservoir with the Reservoir Level Sensor, and the Still will automatically shut off when it reaches its capacity. The Still will restart once water is drawn.


For maximum efficiency, a flow controller automatically regulates the consumption of cooling water. This allows the Still to function effectively even under varying tap water pressures.

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