Our water filtration system produces Type II water in two sizes with outputs 4L or 8L /hr-1 single distilled or 4L /hr-1 double distilled.

The Cyclon is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable water purification system for your laboratory. Its straightforward design and user-friendly interface make it easy to use and save valuable space. You can choose from two production rates – 4 or 8 L/hr-1 for single distilled and 4 L/hr-1 for double distilled – and the system can dispense water or store it in a reservoir. One of the best features of the Cyclon is its automated cleaning function, which makes maintenance a breeze. And when it comes to descaling, you won’t have to worry about any complicated glassware dismantling. Trust the Cyclon to provide you with pure water and hassle-free maintenance.

Cyclon: An Integrated Water Purification System 


Our vapour trap effectively eliminates any carry-over, while our borosilicate glassware design is advanced enough to prevent foaming and enhance purity levels. Quality assurance is guaranteed as the distillate is produced at the optimal temperature, and our heating elements, sheathed in quartz, ensure that the purity of the distillate is never compromised.

Bi-Distiller Model 

The Bi-distillation process, also known as double distillation, is effectively utilised by the Cyclon to enhance the purity of the end product. This technique is especially crucial in life science applications where top-notch distillate is of utmost importance. The distillation process involves two sets of identical glassware and heaters, with the first distillation being fed into the second boiler for further distillation. This ensures that the final product is free of impurities.

Safety in Operation 

To ensure an uninterrupted water supply, the Still is equipped with a thermistor that controls the heating operation and prevents damage to the system. Additionally, a thermal cut-out fuse is in place to prevent overheating. The Still is designed with enclosed glassware and a spillage tray for the operator’s safety.

Reliability and Ease of Use 

With the Cyclon, you can enjoy safe and worry-free usage. It comes equipped with an electronic float switch that automatically switches off the Still when the storage reservoir is full. The microprocessor and thermistor sensor control the Still precisely, simplifying the operation and cleaning process. The vertical boiler configuration reduces stress on the silica-sheathed heating elements and helps prevent scale build-up. With the auto-drain function, efficiency is further enhanced.


The Cyclon Deioniser is a highly efficient water treatment device electronically controlled by a microprocessor. It works by pre-treating water to ensure its optimal use. Pre-treated water can significantly reduce the need for descaling the Still’s boiler in areas where hard tap water is commonly used. This pre-treated water can be obtained in various forms, such as Puri-Fi pretreatment or through a central piped supply, including reverse osmosis, deionised, or purified water.

In the system, the flow is automatically controlled to minimise the water used for cooling and reduce water consumption. 


Keeping your equipment in top condition is crucial for maintaining high purity levels, but it can be time-consuming and tedious. Fortunately, our automated system makes cleaning a breeze without disassembling any glassware. With a polyethene liner, vent filter, and cleaning port, our system is designed to keep your equipment free from mineral build-up. The microprocessor and thermistor-controlled operation ensures efficiency, and our dual flush program readies your equipment for regular use in no time. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual cleaning and hello to a more efficient and effective cleaning solution.

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