The flexiable and customiable pre-treatment option

The Cascade DI Type II Water System is an easy-to-use and an economical Type II ASTM Water Purification System. This water system is ideal for any laboratory looking for a versatile pre-treatment with an option to set using two or four cartridges. Easily attach this system anywhere your water source is located, as it is wall mounted and no electricity is needed. With the Cascade it is simple to produce Type II water up to 15MΩ-cm with the Organic or Standard Cartridge Kits. Easy-to-use the colour-changing resin in the last cartridge in the system will tell you exactly when a replacement kit is needed.


Say goodbye to the inconvenience of placing your water system near a power source! With the Cascade™ system, you can install it wherever you like on the wall without worrying about proximity to a plug. You can easily connect it directly to a tap or a pre-treat source and experience the convenience and freedom that come with the Cascade™ water system.

Ease of use

Get ready to control your water flow and produce up to 2 litres/minute of high-quality ASTM Type II water with a resistivity of 15 meg Ω/cm! All thanks to the Cascade™ valve – making water control simple, easy and efficient!

Less Cleaning

If you want to improve your distillation system’s performance, the Cascade™ is the perfect solution for you. By utilising the Cascade™ as a pre-treatment, you can significantly reduce the amount of scale build-up that occurs inside the boiling chamber. This results in less maintenance, smoother operation, and more time for you to concentrate on the things that matter.


Discover the perfect cartridge kit to meet your lab’s specific requirements. Benefit from our innovative colour-changing resin, which helps you effortlessly monitor when to replace the cartridges and guarantee pure water at all times.

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