It is important to find the right water for your application, as depending on the applications you might need different quality or purity of water. 

Laboratory water has multiple uses from rinsing glassware, to making biological media and buffers or being used to provide pure water for lab equipment such as, autoclaves and dishwashers.  

Water contains numerous different contaminants and even trace levels of impurities can effect a variety of scientific applications putting scientific data at risk. 

There are four levels of water purity recognised  

  • Raw/potable water 
  • Primary grade water (Reverse Osmosis, Type III) 
  • General Laboratory water (Type II) 
  • Ultra-pure water (Type I) 

The Fistreem water distillers produce general laboratory grade water (type II water).  

Type II Water Applications 

  • General Laboratory applications requiring higher ionic purity 
  • Preparing Buffers and Reagents  
  • Media production  
  • Sample dilution and reagent preparation 
  • General chemistry 
  • Glassware rinsing and washing 
  • General Environmental analysis 
  • Cell culture preparation  
  • Clinical biochemistry 


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