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Vacuum Ovens

Fistreem International produces a range of world leading water purification products and vacuum ovens.


Distillation is recognised as offering considerable advantages being fail safe in concept and consistently free from impurities including inorganics, organics, micro-organisms and pyrogens.


AquaRec UV Water Recirculation Systems provided a continuous supply of purified water to satisfy the needs of humidification systems in Environmental Chambers and other applications requiring a pure water recirculation system.

Puri-Fi Cartridges are pressure resistant cartridges, suitable for in-line applications. Installed in moments, they are easily replaced when exhausted. A wall mounting bracket is offered for standard length cartridges.

Our popular ‘Gallenkamp design’ Vacuum Oven has now been upgraded to incorporate digital electronic PID control.

Easier and faster electronic control settings improve performance accuracy. All the other great features of this proven vacuum oven remain