XD250 and XD500 Deionisers

These two sizes of deioniser offer users a highly convenient and portable source of pure water. At the turn of a tap purified water is dispensed instantly at flow rates of 2 litre/min. Water purity is displayed at the touch of a button on the battery powered analogue meter. When exhaustion is indicated the ion exchange resins are discarded and replaced with new resin.

Easy and Simple Resin Replacement

The XD 250 model is fitted with a sealed resin cartridge which is easy and convenient to replace. The XD 500 model contains a loose resin charge, the exhausted resin is disposed and new resin refilled. Replacement resin packs are offered..

Both models may be wall or bench mounted.


Ordering Information

Catalogue NoModelMax. flow rateMax pressure lbf/in2 (kPa)Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
DCF-500-010WXD2502lt/min60 ( 410 )270 x 130 x 421
DCF-510-010PXD5002lt/min60 ( 410 )270 x 130 x 641

Ordering Information - Replacement Resin Packs

Catalogue NoResin Pack
DCF-505-010P(2) for XD250
DCF-515-010Y(4) for XD500

Maximum Outputs

Typical Output (0-30uS/cm) Feed WaterXD250XD500
Soft <100 ppm t.d.s.500 lt1000 lt
Medium 200 ppm t.d.s.250 lt500 lt
Hard 400 ppm t.d.s.125 lt250 lt
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