Vacuum Oven Door / Door Handle Upgrade Kit


We, Fistreem International Ltd, are now manufacturing the Gallenkamp Vacuum Oven albeit under our own Fistreem brand.

You may find the door handle in the illustration is somewhat different to the style of that fitted to your particular Oven. In fact this was changed by Sanyo Gallenkamp several years ago due to obsolescence of the earlier 'rotational knob style ' door handle.

As a result we are no longer able to offer a direct replacement. We are able however to supply a ' Door Handle Upgrade Kit ' which enables you to utilise the current 'T' bar style door handle. Because the fixings are quite different a number of components are required as follows; new painted outer metal door ( you can use your existing glass and polycarbonate screen and door springs ), new door handle complete, pillar latch and rivets ( needs to be attached to the oven's case ) and fixing instructions.

The part # for the upgrade kit is SG.63500.047.

Unless you are able to effect a repair of the handle yourselves then this is really the only option we can offer for prolonging the service life of the Oven.



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