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Fistreem MultiPure Twin Cartridge Deioniser

Combines two disposable Fistreem Puri-Fi purification cartridges in series to produce both high quality low inorganic and low organic content purified water. Housed in an attractive wall mounting cabinet, the cartridges are easily replaced when exhausted. Pure water is delivered via a dispensing spout and is controlled by a supply valve. Water purity is displayed on a digital battery powered conductivity meter.

Two purity options offered

Two versions are offered. For low ionic water model D2CD employs a carbon cartridge followed by a mixed bed deionising cartridge. For users requiring 'ultra pure' water, model D2CU employs a carbon cartridge followed by a nuclear grade deionising cartridge for very high ionically pure water. Both models are suitable for users requiring modest volumes of better than standard grade deionised water.

Catalogue No.Model No.Dimensions WxDxH (mm)
DCF-730-LD2CD190 x 85 x 610
DCF-732-WD2CU190 x 85 x 610

Spare Parts

Model No.CartridgePart Number 
DCF-730-L (D2CD)Organic Removal CartridgeDCF-736-100R
 Deioniser CartridgeDCF-720-S
DCF-732-W (D2CU)Organic Removal CartridgeDCF-736-100R
 Nuclear Grade Deioniser CartridgeDCF-735-010B
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