• Combines reverse osmosis and ion exchange for great economy and high purity
  • Convenient and compact system incorporates integral reservoir no external storage reservoir required
  • Smart display panel indicates water purity, alarms and system status
  • Boost pump option available for low water pressure installations
  • Multiple dispense options

Combining reverse osmosis and ion exchange technologies this smart water purification system provides a high quality and economically produced purified water for many laboratory tasks.

Units are suitable for bench mounting. An optional wall mounting bracket is available which should be specified separately. Supplied complete with connection hoses, pre-filter, RO membrane and deioniser cartridge. For use only on potable (drinking) water supplies.

High purity water

Offered in three volume outputs to suit most laboratory daily needs the Fistreem MultiPure RO Water System has the advantage of removing the majority of feed water impurites from potable ( drinking ) water by reverse osmosis prior to a final purification process by high quality ion exchange resins. In addition a carbon pre-filter protects the RO membrane from potentially harmful feedwater impurities.

High output, convenient storage and dispense

Nominal production rates of 6 ,12 & 24 litre per hour * are offered. An integral Reservoir Tank maintains a nominal volume of 20 lts which is constantly replenished . A fast flow dispensing tap is ideal for routine lab requirements. In addition a second gravity outlet allows the unit to have a permanent feed connection to external equipment.

The long life reverse osmosis membrane ensures the feedwater to the deionising cartridge is free of most impurities so providing a high volume output from the DI cartridge with high economy. On exhaustion the disposable cartridge packs are very easily replaced.

* based on feedwater @ 25C 60 p.s.i.

Smart display panel

Water purity is constantly monitored and displayed on a smart easy to read meter. A visual indicator and alarm alerts the user to the need to replace the deioniser cartridge pack.

Boost pump option

For users with low feedwater pressure the boost pump option is essential. The pump is positioned internally within the cabinet. This variant must be specified when feedwater pressure is below 2 bar (30 p.s.i.)

Specifications and ordering information

Catalogue NoModel No 
Mains tap feed > 2 barTap feed modelsNominal Output *
WDM120.ROM.9MultiPure RO 6/606 lt/hr
WDM140.ROM.9MultiPure RO 12/6012 lt/hr
WDM180.ROM.9MultiPure RO 24/6024 lt/hr
Mains tap feed < 2 barBoost pump models 
WDM120.ROB.5MultiPure RO 6/606 lt/hr
WDM140ROB.5MultiPure RO 12/6012 lt/hr
WDM180.ROB.5MultiPure RO 24/6024 lt/hr
 All units are supplied complete with membrane and filters* based on feedwater at 25C 60 psi
WDM750.WMB.9Optional Wall Mounting Bracket (All models ) 
WDM610.PTJ.9Carbon pre-filter pack ( All models )One pack required
WDM630.PCJ.9Deioniser cartridge pack ( All models )One pack required
WDM650.ROA.9RO membrane for model WDM120One required
WDM660.ROB.9RO membrane for model WDM140One required
WDM670.ROC.9RO membrane for model WDM180Two required
Dimensions (mm) w x d x hAll models408 x 548 x 630
Weight operationalTap Feed models39 kgs
 Boost Pump Models 
Weight shippingTap Feed models19 kgs
 Boost Pump Models 
Purity rangeAll models1.0 > 0.1 uS/cm ( 1.0 > 10 megohm/cm )
PowerAll models100 – 230V 50/60 Hz
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